Serving in Africa

About us

Gottfried und Susanne Schittek
Western Cape, Südafrika

evangelistic outreach and door to door
convert care
training in churches and seminaries
training of pastors
working with women
project 510 Schittek, project 512 Reaching Africa

Who we are

We both grew up in south Germany with roman-catholic background. And both of us decided to follow Jesus at the age of 21. We had both had a professional training before we met at the theological Seminary and decided in 1994 to stay together. Since 25 years now we are together in missions. August 2007 we moved with our two daughters to South Africa. Both are still with us, one is studying the other still in school

Our work in South Africa

Our work has many facets. We do door-to-door, discipleship training with converts and cell group bible teaching in the townships. It is our heart's desire to motivate Christians to visit their Muslim neighbours. Many Christians hesitate for different reasons to meet with Muslims personally. On the other hand, it is quite easy here at the Cape to contact people naturally. Therefore, practical training in churches, cellgroups and bible schools or seminaries are implemented to help overcome the fear and even clarify questions of faith. In cooperation with "Africa Missions" we use the insights from practical outreach and teach at theological seminaries and churches in different countries in Africa. We focus here on supporting and enabling pastors who only have limited access to respective literature or internet. Many have called for support and training specifically concerning how the church should handle Islam and Muslim people. Since July 2019 we started a cooperation with "Women on the move ministries" in South Africa. One department of this ministry works on teaching women handicraft in order to help them to create some income. This training is supplemented by specific devotionals and teachings.